Canarian Cuisine

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D’s sister has been vacationing in the Canary Islands recently and has been absolutely raving about the food. Right around this time I also received an offer for a guest post about the food in the Canary Islands. It seems like such a coincidence I just had to say yes and learn more about the distinctive dishes in this little known part of the world.

Canarian Cuisine

Wherever you go on your holiday in the Canary Islands a small number of local dishes will always find their way onto the menu alongside familiar international cuisine.  These dishes utilise the islands most readily available produce using traditions that stretch back to Guanches as well as Portuguese, Spanish and North African influences.

One of the most typical of all Canarian dishes is Mojo, essentially a sauce made out of olive oil, paprika, garlic and cumin.  Extra flavours are added such as vinegar, orange, lemon or lime juices which make variations of this sauce.  It comes in different colour varieties, red, green and orange.  The red variety is often served on potatoes, its colour coming from the addition of peppers and chillies.  The green, milder version is mixed with coriander.  This is great with fish.

Another classic dish is Gofio which is flour like substance made from grounded and roasted grains of wheat, maize or pulses. This is mixed with water and then rolled into balls.  It can be added to soups, stews, sauces and even desserts.

Papas Arrugadas means wrinkled potatoes!  They are a classic Canarian dish made from small, unpeeled potatoes boiled in water and sea salt until shrivelled and tender.  The idea is to evaporate the water away so the dry salt forms crusts on the skins of the potatoes.  This is a perfect side dish if you are choosing tapas for your meal.

Mainly found in La Gomera, Almogrote can also be found on other the other Canary Islands as well.  Made from hard cheese, peppers, garlic and olive oil, Almogrote is a paste that is really tasty to eat with bread.

Other traditional foods to look out for on the menu if you are heading out to the Canaries is rabbit, goats cheese, avocado, bananas.  These islands also have some great wines, I personally prefer the red wine, and one really worth trying out is Vina Norte.  If you are a white wine fan, there is plenty on offer.

If this is making your mouth water, book a holiday to one of the beautiful islands of the Canaries, whether it is Lanzarote, Tenerife or Fuerteventura.  Directline Holidays have some great offers.  Book now and look forward to relax in the sun and enjoy some good food!

Ervin is an experienced travel consultant and keen traveller. He has travelled extensively in Europe.

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  1. sami schneider says

    Vicki and Dave! you ..stole the words right out of my mouth..I just got back yesterday and am in love with the food from canary islands..the almorgote is amazinole jar (i downed a whole jar of it and bought mom and dad some) and the papas arrugadas con mojo is also amazing (also got the rents some mojo so they can try it!)

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